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ipod tracklist executive summary

What does your iPod song collection say about you? While not all of my favorite music is on my iPod, with three and a half days worth of music on there, what is present does tell a story. Or many … Continue reading

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la doomsday machine?

Beware: The French have powered on the doomsday machine. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN has weathered several such search-engine-friendly media sound bytes, and is no stranger to the woes of sensationalism in science. Leading up to it’s first months … Continue reading

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of telescopes and astrology

During a vendor-customer technical interview, my manager once introduced me as being an avid amateur astrologer. Bless his heart, he knew I had a few telescopes and was even working to build my own large Dobsonian sidewalk telescope – right … Continue reading

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a theory of fun?

I’ve been interested to read Raph Koster’s “A Theory of fun for Game Design” ever since I saw its title. He is “Designer Dragon” of Ultima Online fame and was Chief Creative Officer for SOE’s “Starwars Galaxies” when it was … Continue reading

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beach brain

When I close my eyes, I see waves. I have a serious case of beach brain. What started as an idea, a tropical getaway, turned into a persistent motivation to leave all my electronics at home and flee to someplace … Continue reading

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