on the hunt for dark matter

In case you missed it, here is a spot of cool science news.

The AMS02 – “alpha magnetic spectrometer” launched on board the space shuttle discovery mission STS-134. Among its many lofty goals once operational on the ISS are answers to mysteries around dark matter, dark energy and cosmic rays. Such science could reshape what we think we know about how galaxies form and the big bang theory itself. Furthermore, the cosmic ray data collected will be critical to any future manned flights to Mars.

Here are links to more info, including this youtube spot from ESA about the mission.


on island time

The spiritual borders on this.

With no phone, laptop or even a watch, my wife, daughter and I walked on the beach. We flew a kite, played in the sand, and got out in the still chilly spring ocean waves.  The strong breeze and constant soft roar of the surf was hypnotic. My senses came alive, filling the void left behind by my routine bombardment of information, visual and audio stimuli, tasks, and traffic. We had no where better to be, no deadlines, no reason to look at a clock. Not unwinding; unwound. We were on island time.

My fascination with the ocean and beach, like the deep woods and mountains back home, is rooted in a strong sense of connectedness – call it meditative, spiritual, or just very relaxed. It is my carrot. My self-medication. Take either one or two per year or as needed for an adjusted perspective and deep sense of peace. Plus, it’s legal.

I love the outdoors. I am thankful that my family shares my enthusiasm. We had a great time at the beach on Topsail Island, and as usual we were already planning our next trip before we left.