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Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

On Aug 6th, NASA’s nearly 1 ton super rover “Curiosity” reaches the red planet. This must-see video details the final descent to Mars. Enjoy!  

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Businessweek bemoans US role in emergent particle science

The Large Hadron Collider, the French atom-smashing mini black hole machine of some fame, is in the news again as they approach a significant benchmark for collisions and data collection. An announcement is expected this year on the search for … Continue reading

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Following a tough act: Elder Scrolls Online

A daunting task: launch a successful MMORPG in the shadow of World of Warcraft. Even in it’s decline, the 10 million+ subscriber megahit from Blizzard Entertainment leaves a crater of expectations for future titles. Fearing no bar set too high, … Continue reading

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