Businessweek bemoans US role in emergent particle science

The Large Hadron Collider, the French atom-smashing mini black hole machine of some fame, is in the news again as they approach a significant benchmark for collisions and data collection. An announcement is expected this year on the search for the Higgs Boson, more commonly referred to as the “God Particle”.

Unfortunately, this feature chose to bury the interesting science in an article bemoaning the US role in the science at the LHC, despite our contributions being similar to other leaders such as Russia and China. It goes on to cite other unflattering but well-circulated statistics ranking the US science program.

I’m not suggesting there is not a need for a strong national science and math initiative, but the science at LHC has always been an international collaboration. Unlike the space and arms race, duplicating the colossal 17-mile atom smasher here for sake of having it here does not forward our national science status. I believe if you read further into the closures / cancellations of similar facilities here you will find high cost at the heart of the stories.

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