Moar Dwarves!

He wasn’t kidding. A rumor that started as a Peter Jackson sound byte on the floor at Comic-Con is official: “The Hobbit” will be three movies. Prior to the announcement, “An Unexpected Journey” and “There and Back Again” would be released Dec 2012 and 2013, respectively. The third is tentatively set for summer 2014. The title has not been announced.

Three movies may sound too long for the classic children’s book, but reading further it seems much of the material will come from the lengthy appendices of the Lord of the Rings that had not been previously adapted into a movie. Some may argue that more isn’t better for the franchise, but it must depend on who you ask.

Watching the production video diaries, it is hard to see them as simply interested in printing more money (while the mill is still hot, right?), but I doubt they will regret that extra paycheck. They would be in good company too, given the other movie series that have split the finale into two parts recently.

Either way, from what we have seen so far on set it should be good news for fans.

Read the Announcement on the Hobbit Facebook page here




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