Strangely Satisfying: Diablo III on Xbox

If you enjoyed Diablo 3 on PC, you owe it to yourself to try the Diablo 3 demo for PS3 and Xbox 360. The conversion is surprisingly fun, with some new twists. Many creative adjustments were made to make the control scheme feel at home on the dual-stick analog controller – and the end result is a solid win. The addition of the quick dodge and familiar synergy of the character abilities as assigned to the controller feels more at home on the home console than it ever did on PC.

To top it off the game looks even better than ever enlarged to your flat screen TV. The iconic two and three-quarter view and simulated 3D pops into life on the large screen, as do the richly detailed environments. Finally, although the cinematic cut scenes are not included in the demo, they are sure to amaze in high def in the full version of the game.

With the first expansion pack just around the corner, it looks like a perfect time to return to Tristram.

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