MMO Pioneers at “Daybreak Game Company” no strangers to name changes

image credit SOE/Daybreak Game Company
image credit SOE/Daybreak Game Company

Few MMO developers can match credentials with the team that created EverQuest, easily one of the most successful Online RPG of all time. With their upcoming re-imagined “EverQuest Next” just around the corner, I was a bit surprised to see Sony Online Entertainment sold to an investment firm – but this may end up being fantastic news.

What started at 989 Studios in the late 90’s grew with the industry they carved a path for, enduring numerous name changes but much of the core team and leadership remained including key industry pioneer John Smedley. Freshly re-branded “Daybreak Game Company” they will also be free to develop on a more diverse platform base including Xbox and mobile devices, in addition to their PC and Playstation roots.

I am excited to see what comes next from Daybreak. EverQuest Next is no less ambitious than the first was, something I first blogged about here. The further possibility that it might also land on consoles would be wonderful news indeed.

2 thoughts on “MMO Pioneers at “Daybreak Game Company” no strangers to name changes”

  1. Eh, people made a big deal of this. SOE is still alive and well, just a new name. I bet they’ll do better as an independent company than under Sony’s corporate umbrella.

    1. Honestly, I don’t know about that. Sony made a pretty good example for not forcing players to pay, and not punishing them for not utilizing in game purchases. As a big corporation they could do this, and simultaneously reward those who have nicely.

      Especially following their massive lay-offs I’m not sure I trust Daybreak to be as kind. I expect them to handle this venture as venture capitalist companies, such as Columbus Nova, do. If that’s the case, I don’t imagine I’ll continue to play DCUO or Planetside 2. Which sucks, because I’ve loved those games and even got involved with my boyfriend through one of them. It’d be a difficult departure.

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