The Wolf Among Us – Dark, Gritty Excellence

image credit vg247
image credit vg247

No less potent that the great detective novels it draws from, tightly written “The Wolf Among Us” is a short and powerful mystery with teeth. Set against a deliciously dark New York, Wolf tells the story of Bigby, a lawman charged with keeping the peace between fables, figures of classic myth living amongst mortals in modern times. Its unique style of gameplay is paced more like a page turner than an action game, yet manages to keep you on your toes. Constantly adapting to a stream of player choices, the story evolves based on your actions and the consequences can be dramatic. Combining this choose-your-own-adventure style of story with top shelf animation, comic book art style, writing and voice acting puts this on par with the best of television today.

It is brief – it can easily be completed in a sitting – at which point you’ll be dying to go back and replay a sequence and see how you might have impacted the outcome. You can also see how your key choices (or sum of choices) rate compared to all other players online. Included is a preview of the next chapter, also in TV drama style, a foreshadowing of events you put in motion.

A word on grit, this plays more like Poe than Milne – it is not for kids.

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